President & Founder


  • 9+ years of experience as a full-time equities trader and a researcher of active trading formulas and methods
  • President and founder of a stock trading site and a stock trading research company
  • Freelance writer, editor, and author of the book, 6 Steps to Buying a Winning Stock


As an accomplished entrepreneur, Glenda is the president and founder of the stock trading site and its affiliation As president, chief executive officer (CEO), and director of APT Systems Inc., a trading research company, Glenda helps develop and manage stock research and solutions for fund management. She is the sole owner of MTM research and focuses on refining active trading approaches and the development of formulas to capture market momentum. She is a full-time equities trader and has conducted extensive research on stock trading indicators.

Glenda shares her experience through freelance writing and editing publishing articles on Investopedia and other digital publications. Her book, 6 Steps to Buying a Winning Stock is available through the Apple Store.

Glenda entrepreneurialism is evident from the many hats she has worn during her career. Her experience includes working as an interior designer, a real estate agent, a licensed mortgage broker, and as a venture capital broker in Hong Kong, where she assisted individuals and companies under the Entrepreneurial Immigration Program. She combined her love of aesthetics and finance by combining floor plans and cash flow statements for other entrepreneurs. When not ensconced in the financial world, Glenda has worked as an editor for a hospitality magazine and as the producer of live musical theater.