University of Florida


  • Marketing manager at a major financial institution
  • Several vendor partnership awards
  • Traded stocks for 18+ years, with shared focus on technicals and fundamentals


Stephan is passionate about the markets and educating others on how to gain financial independence. He believes the stock market is a great way for everyday people to make extra money. He typically invests in growth stocks, following a mantra of buy high, sell higher. However, Stephan looks for opportunity and value regardless of stock profile. He typically uses both technicals and fundamentals before making a decision to purchase an individual stock or fund. Stephan believes the most common mistake investors make is holding a losing position too long and selling a winner too quickly.


Stephan earned his Bachelor of Arts in economics at the University of Florida and is Florida Licensed Realtor.

Quote from Stephan A. Abraham

"I enjoy educating others about finance and the markets. I want to provide them the most relevant information, which will assist them in making an informed, intelligent financial decision."