Daniel Kurt

Daniel Kurt is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in a variety of well known media outlets. His professional interests include educating everyday investors, covering interesting business trends and interviewing some of North America's most dynamic executives. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Communication.

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  1. IRAs

    Undo Roth IRA Conversion: Limited Tax Savings Window

    If you converted your traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA to a Roth in 2017, you have until October 15 to get a do-over at today’s ...
  2. College Costs

    The Cost Of Studying At New York University (NYU)

    The cost of attending NYU is above average, even for private universities. But research shows it can still be a good value. ...
  3. Financial Analysis

    Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

    Average revenue per user (ARPU) is the measure of revenue generated per customer of a company. ARPU is a common metric for ...
  4. Taxes

    How are capital gains and dividends taxed differently?

    The U.S. tax code gives similar treatment to ordinary dividends and short-term capital gains, and qualified dividends and ...
  5. Financial Analysis

    Understanding Profit Metrics: Gross, Operating and Net Profits

    Rather than relying solely on a company's net profit figures, seasoned investors will often look at gross profit and operating ...
  6. Stocks

    What Is Treasury Stock?

    Find out about shares called treasury stocks that were once part of shares outstanding for a company, but have since been ...
  7. Small Business

    Utility Patent

    A utility patent is a patent that covers the creation of a new or improved — and useful — product, process or machine.
  8. Bonds / Fixed Income

    What is the OIS LIBOR Spread And What Is It For?

    When the LIBOR-OIS spread rises significantly, it represents the worry that banks might not be able to pay down even their ...
  9. Taxes

    Tax Strategies for Other Income Sources

    If you're retired and making extra cash, whether from a business or selling unneeded items, you need tax strategies for this ...
  10. Retirement Savings

    Other Retirement Income Sources

    Social Security alone isn't enough for most Americans to live on, so you may need to get creative and discover other ways ...
  11. College Costs

    What Does MIT Cost?

    An education from MIT may look pricey on the surface, but the earning potential of graduates means it's usually a very solid ...
  12. Taxes

    Understanding taxation of foreign investments

    Any interest, dividends and capital gains are subject to U.S. tax, but the foreign tax credit enables you to deduct most ...
  13. Retirement Savings

    When a 401(k) hardship withdrawal makes sense

    If you've exhausted all other avenues, there are ways to withdraw funds before age 59½ – sometimes without the 10% penalty ...
  14. Retirement Living

    Best Cities for Retirees to Age Successfully

    The most favorable cities for retirees combine affordable living, low crime and access to good healthcare. And few can be ...
  15. High Net Worth Strategy

    Are You in the Top One Percent of the World?

    If you live in an industrialized country, cracking the top 1% of income earners isn't as difficult as you might think.
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