• 10+ years of experience reporting on investments and personal finance for global outlets
  • Writer of the "Bank of Dad" column for Fatherly.com, which tackles finance questions posed by millennial parents
  • Published in a variety of digital and traditional media outlets, including Investopedia.com, RothIRA.com, AARP Bulletin, and Exceptional magazine


Daniel Kurt has more than 10 years of experience reporting on personal finance topics, including retirement planning, saving for college, and shopping for health insurance. His articles have appeared on the popular websites Investopedia.com and RothIRA.com, as well as in publications such as AARP Bulletin and Exceptional magazine. Daniel currently writes the "Bank of Dad" column for Fatherly.com, which addresses finance questions posed by Millennial parents.


Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science in business administration and his Master of Arts in communication from Marquette University.

Quote from Daniel Kurt

"You don't have to be a professional investor or legal expert to manage your money wisely. I try to make complicated topics as accessible as I can, so readers can make smarter decisions that help them achieve their long-term goals."