• Industry expert and thought leader in agricultural derivatives trading
  • Founder and president of Standard Grain Inc.
  • 10+ years in the agricultural futures business


Joseph Vaclavik is the founder and president of Standard Grain Inc. He launched Standard Grain in 2012 after approximately seven years in the agricultural futures/options business. Standard Grain works with farmers and commercial operators in the areas of futures/options brokerage, risk management, and consulting.

Prior to founding Standard Grain, Joseph worked at Ehedger, MF Global, and Straits Financial LLC. Joseph believes that fundamental market factors involving supply and demand are ultimately responsible for long-term trends and movement in the markets. He has a strong knowledge of the cash grain markets and uses it to help investors make educated decisions. Joe has been featured in several news outlets including Fox Business, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, Ag Day, U.S. Farm Report, W-ILL Radio, and The Wall Street Journal. Joe authors Standard Grain’s market commentary, provided every morning and afternoon. He can also be heard every morning on KFRM Radio in Kansas and Oklahoma.


Joseph earned a Bachelor of Science in agribusiness and farm and financial management from the University of Illinois.