Drury University, MSU, University of Missouri, Kansas City


  • 24+ years of experience in academic consulting, with a focus on K-12 and university level assessment, evaluation, accreditation, SME, and course development at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, for both the traditional class environment and online
  • Held both administrative and faculty positions in various institutions of higher education at the state, nonprofit, and for-profit schools
  • Published numerous articles on Investopedia and refereed professional journals in the areas of accounting, economics, finance, and education


Nicolas Pologeorgis has a long career in higher education with expertise in academic quality, academic leadership, assessment and accreditation, and research and evaluation. Professional interests and endeavors include the future of and changes in higher education, effective student learning, institutional accountability and the implications of globalization, technology, and multiculturalism.

Nicolas teaches online, mentors students in the pursuit of their degrees in the capacity of dissertation Committee Member or Chair or External Reviewer. He serves as SME, develops online courses and writes curriculum at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in the areas of accounting, business, economics, and finance. Nicolas also provides educational workshops in organizational assessment, personal finance, and personal financial planning.


Nicolas has earned a bachelor's, master's, and two doctorates from Drury University, MSU, and the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Nicolas has the UTCF and CFEI designations.

Quote from Nicolas A. Pologeorgis

"My calling as an educator stems from my desire to improve people's lives by educating them, seek solutions to real-life problems, and having been both an academic and a practitioner I can present theories and their applications in terms others can relate and understand, drawn from their own experiences."