• • 20+ years as financial planner, bond trader, portfolio manager & strategist
  • • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) w/ multiple graduate degrees
  • • Author of From Piggybank to Portfolio: A Financial Roadmap for New Investors 


"Hands on" investment experience across fixed income sectors; significant experience with financial planning, tax planning, asset allocation, macroeconomic & geopolitical analysis, and all aspects of portfolio management.

Extensive client facing and communications experience w/ both institutional and individual clients. Writing includes numerous articles, blogs, white papers, and two books. Speaking includes key note addresses at various conferences, television & radio appearances, board presentations to institutional clients, college level courses, and educational seminars.

Educational background includes CFA charter, MBA in intl. business, Masters in intl. affairs, and additional graduate studies in intl. political economy of emerging markets.

Interests include big picture thematic research, global geopolitical analysis, simplifying complex topics for public audiences, and robust intellectual debates.


Brian received his Bachelors from Villanova University in Finance, his MBA from National University in International Business and his Masters in International Affairs from Tufts University.

Quote from Brian

"Money isn't everything, but not having to worry about money can free people up to focus on what matters in life. And since finance can be an intimidating subject, I like to make it accessible, and even entertaining wherever possible."

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