Marc Davis

  • • 20 + years experience reporting and writing about business, finance, and economics.
  • • Regular contributor to Forbes Investopedia, AOL, American Bar Association Journal, Arthur Anderson (now defunct) The Chicago Tribune and many other national publications, both print and online.
  • • Please visit my website, for a comprehensive look at my publishing credentials, with a selection of links to articles.



Extensive experience reporting on, and writing about all aspects of business, finance, and economics, including equities and real estate investment, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), product research and development, product roll out, marketing, advertising, public relations, crisis management, corporate management, corporate governance,, human resources issues -- recruiting, termination, and many other aspects of business, finance and economics.


Marc has received degrees from University of Illinois and New York University.

Quote from Marc

"Nothing is more satisfying to me than service to others. Drawing on my knowledge and experience and imparting that information in understandable articles to people is the most gratifying aspect of financial journalism."

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  1. Laws & Regulations

    Government Regulations: Do They Help Businesses?

    These rules are in place to protect consumers and help businesses thrive at the same time.
  2. Small Business

    The Impact Of Recession On Businesses

    Find out how this economic cycle affects both small and big business.
  3. Markets & Economy

    Why Can't Economists Agree?

    Learn the many reasons why economists can be given the same data and come up with entirely different conclusions.
  4. Company Insights

    The Ups and Downs of Initial Public Offerings

    Learn why initial public offerings (IPOs) aren't the best option for every company. Find out factors to consider before going ...
  5. Career / Compensation

    How to Write a Great Investment Banking Resume

    When looking for career opportunities in the investment banking industry, a persuasive resume can give you the edge you need ...
  6. Small Business

    Crisis Management Strategies for Business Owners

    Large or small, every business encounters the unexpected. Learn how to face the unexpected by implementing the principles ...
  7. Forex & Currencies

    Forex automation software for hands-free trading

    Automated forex trading software scans the market for favorable trades based on your input. Find out more about this valuable ...
  8. Asset Allocation

    Portfolio Management Tips for Young Investors

    Discover how to start building a portfolio and how to manage it for the best results while you're young.
  9. Laws & Regulations

    A Short History of the US Federal Trade Commission

    Since the early 1900s, the Federal Trade Commission has preventing anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices.
  10. Real Estate

    Career Comparison: Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker

    Considering a career as a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker? This article can help you understand important differences ...
  11. Markets & Economy


    This tutorial teaches the basics of one of the most important economic topics. A must for all investors.
  12. Bonds / Fixed Income

    How To Invest In Corporate Bonds

    Understand the basics of corporate bonds to increase your chances of positive returns.
  13. Small Business

    Identifying and managing business risks | Investopedia

    Running a business comes with a lot of associated risks, but there are an equal number of ways to prepare for and manage ...
  14. Career / Compensation

    How to Lay Off Staff

    Firing employees isn't easy, but it is simple: Be honest, be compassionate and be quick.
  15. Career / Compensation

    Banker or Broker: Which Career Is Right for You?

    Bankers and stock brokers may share similar traits, but there are many differences.
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