• Founder of BCV, an investment firm working on developing startups that have positive impacts on both employees and customers
  • CEO of Checklinked Systems, a software platform startup
  • Former dean and professor of the School of Business and Management, Notre Dame de Namur University


At BCV, an investment firm, Dr. Rice works on developing startups that have positive impacts on both employees and customers. He is currently focused on a SaaS software startup, Checklinked Systems, building group communication though a cloud-based platform based on systems of shared goals. He continues to educate through his nonprofit, Rice Financial Education, to improve overall financial literacy. Previously, as interim dean of the School of Business and Management at Notre Dame de Namur University, he managed MBA and MPA graduate programs, as well as accounting, communication, business administration, and human services undergraduate programs, across four campuses and online. He recently completed a chapter in the book Investor Behavior, published by Wiley, but his most used book, Create Your Own Personal Financial Plan: A Step-By-Step Method to Organize, Plan, and Manage Your Personal Affairs, has become the cornerstone for his own nonprofit.


Dr. Rice received his Master of Science degree in finance from Northeastern University, and earned his Doctor of Business Administration degree in finance at Golden Gate University.

Quote from Douglas Rice

"Having taught finance to everyone from graduate students to low-income individuals, and everyone in between, my enjoyment stems from taking concepts that feel complicated or confusing to others and reframing them in a way so they don't just understand them, but they internalize them and apply them every day."