University of Alberta


  • 5+ years of experience as a commercial/agricultural lender dealing with large and complex lending transactions
  • Board member for local agricultural society and officer of local Knights of Columbus Council
  • Public relations chair for local Rotary Club


Matthew Caradin's expertise centers around a study of macro factors in the economy and their influence as it pertains to micro factors. His published works consist of Investopedia contributions from a list of pre-selected topics, for which he would independently research and write an article. Currently, Matthew's educational background and continued learning apply most strongly to providing advice to clients in order for them to make effective management decisions.


Matthew earned his Bachelor of Arts in economics and Bachelor of Commerce in finance from the University of Alberta.

Quote from Matthew Cadrin

"Finance is my passion and I love to share what I know. Our world is full of misinformation and I enjoy being able to explain a topic so that the layman, who is no expert nor does he need to be, can understand and therefore use that knowledge to his and society's benefit."