Guy Bernfeld

Guy Bernfeld has a background as a stockbroker and trader beginning in the 1980s. He has lived and worked as a freelance writer and editor in Shanghai, China, since 2002. In addition to his work on high-level financial and legal research projects, where he has edited books and advisory papers, Bernfeld is the author of "MBA Finance English Basics", which received government approval for use in specialized English language training programs in China. He was also the managing editor of a monthly business magazine in Shanghai, for which he wrote numerous article on development of the securities market in China. Bernfeld is a special research fellow of the China Research Center for Economic Transition in Beijing and continues to write a monthly column on investing for a Hong Kong publisher.

  1. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Bearer Bonds: From Popular To Prohibited

    These coupon bonds are transferable, negotiable and anonymous - so why aren't they sold in the U.S.?