Todd Shriber

Todd Shriber got his start in financial markets as a reporter with Bloomberg News. Later, he became a trader at a Southern California-based long/short hedge fund where he specialized in trading sector and international ETFs leading up to and during the financial crisis. He would later become the web editor at ETF Trends and is now back for his second stint as the ETF editor at Benzinga.

Shriber has been quoted in the Barron's, and the Wall Street Journal. His work has been published on Web sites such as Benzinga, ETF Daily News, ETF Trends, Minyanville, MarketWatch, Fox Business and

Shriber has a degree in broadcast journalism from Texas Christian University. 

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  1. ETFs

    Size Matters With Smart Beta

    A multi-factor approach to small-caps can boost returns while reducing volatility.
  2. ETFs

    Smart Beta Asset Growth Continues Booming

    Smart beta ETFs continue adding assets at an impressive clip.
  3. ETFs

    A Classic Smart Beta ETF

    This is one of the oldest and largest dividend ETFs.
  4. ETFs

    Rosy Projections For Smart Beta ETFs

    This survey says smart beta growth will continue, including ESG and multi-factor funds.
  5. ETFs

    A Discerning Dividend ETF

    Dividend cuts are never any fun, but dividend ETFs can help limit the risk associated with negative dividend actions.
  6. ETFs

    A Smart Beta Emerging Markets Idea for 2018

    After a rally, the way to play emerging markets is by emphasizing the fundamentals.
  7. ETFs

    Rising Rates Can Propel Smart Beta Bond ETFs

    Fixed income is viewed as the next smart beta growth frontier. Rising rates could help.
  8. ETFs

    Using Smart Beta For International Income

    Smart beta strategies can be ideal ways for investors to boost international income.
  9. ETFs

    JPMorgan Unleashes Smart Beta Fee Battle

    J.P. Morgan unveils a broad lineup of low-cost smart beta ETFs.
  10. ETFs

    Vanguard Doing Vanguard Things With New Bond ETF

    Vanguard's newest ETF is a corporate bond fund, and of course, it's cheap.
  11. ETFs

    A Winning Multi-Factor Approach to Global Stocks

    This ETF provides a global approach to stocks with a notable multi-factor advantage.
  12. ETFs

    Using Smart Beta ETFs To Minimize Risk

    Some smart beta strategies may be better at limiting risk than critics allege.
  13. ETFs

    Getting Better Acquainted With Smart Beta ETFs

    The world of smart beta ETFs is expansive and getting bigger by the day.
  14. ETFs

    Fixed Income: A New Smart Beta Frontier

    Fixed income could be the next engine of smart beta ETF growth.
  15. ETFs

    Tapping International Markets With Smart Beta ETFs

    Smart beta is earning its place in international equity strategies and investors should take note.
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