Process Improvement Consultant for Alberta Health Services


University of Alberta


  • Seen as an expert on behavior financing and investing and frequently cited
  • Formerly a senior analyst for more than five years
  • 7+ years of experience working with process improvement for businesses


Albert Phung was an analyst and writer for Investopedia for more than five years. His work includes articles on trading strategy, investing, markets and economy, fixed income, forex, stocks, and financial analysis. Albert's 12-part Investopedia series, Behavioral Finance: Key Concepts—Mental Accounting, is perhaps his most important work.

Albert uses his background in finance and psychology to explain the movement of market prices outside of the actions of businesses or corporations. He is seen as an expert in the field of behavioral financing and investing, and many works cite his Investopedia series. These citations include two books, Family Capital and Vertical Options Spreads, and can be found in journals such as the Journal of Economics and Finance. Chalmers University, Course Hero, and Money Matters Academy are just a few of the courses that include Albert's behavioral finance work.

Albert has more than seven years of experience working with businesses to improve their ability to meet the needs of their clients. He works as a process improvement consultant for Alberta Health Services, a healthcare provider servicing over four million people. Albert also worked with Finning–Canada to improve their international delivery of Caterpillar equipment using the Six Sigma technique. Six Sigma follows a standardized series of steps to improve the quality of outputs and processes.


Albert earned a bachelor's degree in commerce and finance, as well as one in science and psychology, from the University of Alberta.