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Ryan Fuhrmann



Ryan is the founder of Fuhrmann Capital LLC, an Indiana-based investment management firm focused on active portfolio management from a value-based perspective. He started his career as a teller at what is now a division of BMO Harris Bank before becoming a portfolio manager at Northern Trust in Chicago and then at Bank of America in Dallas. Mr. Fuhrmann currently serves on the Investment Committee of the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art and is a past board member of CFA Society Indianapolis. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance, investment, and banking from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a master’s degree in business from the University of Texas at Austin.


Ryan received his Masters from University of Texas at Austin (MBA) and his Bachelors from University of Wisconsin at Madison (BBA).

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"Investing from a value-based perspective. A long-term mindset in a market that is short-term and linear-thinking."

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