Editorial Director

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US Racing


  • 20+ years of experience as a freelance business and sports writer
  • Current editorial director for US Racing, where he creates content and manages a team of writers about the nation’s racing industry
  • Former editor of Small Cap Insider, a monthly newsletter about the small cap sector


Derek Simon has been writing about business and sports for over two decades. He is currently the editorial director for US Racing, an online horse racing service, where he manages a team of writers and creates content about the country’s horse racing industry. Simon’s other credits include marketing consultant for Race Track Warriors, as well as writer, editor, and host of a horse racing podcast.

Derek covers a number of topics in his writing, including sports, gambling, and investing in stocks. His work has appeared in Forbes, The Motley Fool, Newsmax, and Beacon Equity Research. He was also the editor for Small Cap Investor, a newsletter geared toward individual investors about the small cap sector.