Dr. Tisa L. Silver Canady

Dr. Tisa L. Silver Canady

  • • Personally advised students and their families on the repayment of more than $50 million in student loan debt
  • • Award-winning author and educator recognized for collegiate teaching excellence and volunteerism
  • • Content and insights have been featured in TIME, Ladies’ Home Journal, ESSENCE Magazine, FOX Business, MSN Money, and Yahoo! Finance


Tisa is an award-winning author and educator specializing in collegiate financial education and wellness. Tisa has personally advised students and families on the repayment of more than $50 million in student loan debt.

Tisa began her career in higher education as a faculty member at the University of Delaware teaching principles of corporate finance and securities analysis. She transitioned to an administrative role at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she was responsible for directing campus-wide financial education and wellness programming and debt management initiatives. Her commitment to financial education has been recognized by several organizations, including the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, the Maryland Council on Economic Education and the Maryland State Department of Education.

Outside of academia, Tisa authored "The Time Value of Life: Why Time is More Valuable Than Money" and has served as a writer and reviewer of personal finance and investments content for online outlets including Forbes, Investopedia, and BET. She is a frequent financial contributor whose insights have been featured in radio, television and print outlets. Tisa’s credits include TIME, Ladies’ Home Journal, ESSENCE Magazine, FOX Business, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, the WHYY PBS 12 Nightly Business Report, and Maryland Public Television.


Tisa received her bachelor's degree in finance and economics from the University of Delaware, where she also earned her Master of Business Administration in Marketing. She went on to earn her Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Administration and Community College Leadership from Morgan State University. 

Quote from Tisa

"Financial education allows me to connect with people and empower them to make informed financial decisions. I enjoy helping people overcome the fear of finance and become proactive about investing for the future."

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