Stephanie Powers

Stephanie Powers

  • • Financial Advisor for 7 years for Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones
  • • Corporate back office experience at State Farm Insurance and American General
  • • Freelance writer since 2009 with education in business and finance


A freelance writer since 2009, Stephanie published articles, marketing materials, and videos on proprietary corporate websites and public web portals including Yahoo Finance, the Houston Chronicle,, and Her mission is to deliver messages that help people achieve and maintain a healthy life: financially, spiritually, physically, and socially.

Stephanie’s unique background allows her to write knowledgeably about both the business of financial services and its impact on everyday people. Her writing reflects her business experience at some of the world’s largest financial services firms: State Farm and American General. She leverages her background as a former financial advisor for Edward Jones and Merrill Lynch to help individuals understand money matters. Additionally, Stephanie uses her consulting experience at tech companies IBM and SITA to analyze the important role technology plays in financial services. Her ability to quickly learn new technology and how it impacts financial services allows her to turn complicated ideas into easily understood concepts.


Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science in Business from Drake University and earned her Masters of Business Administration from Houston Baptist University.

Quote from Stephanie

“It’s important to me that I give people financial information they can actually use.”

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