• • Been writing financial articles since 1990
  • • Instructor and guest lecturer
  • • 15+ years of background financial management in the treasury department of large services companies


Dr. Permjit Singh is a financial writer based in London, who has been writing articles and reports since 1990. He wrote two books, The City and Global Financial Services and Yoga Plus Exercise. Dr. Singh is a contributor to many journals and financial websites. These include the Journal of Corporate Treasury Management, Finance-Monthly.com, Treasurers.org, and Investopedia. His Investopedia work appears in syndication on Yahoo. Dr. Singh's topics include financial analysis, economic policy, and corporate capital issues. He also posts on his blog, permjitsingh.weebly.com.

Dr. Singh has taught numerous courses for the undergraduate to postgraduate levels, as well as conducting workshops and seminars for government and corporate offices. His instruction area includes international finance, credit derivatives, treasury management, and financial and risk management. He is an instructor of Financial Journalism at the European Center of Technology and a guest lecturer at the University of London.

Dr. Singh began his career in the treasury department of large corporations. For more than 15 years he helped these companies manage debt and cash positions. His financial experience expands beyond corporate finance to encompass securitization, institutional investments, banking, financial regulation, hedge funds, tax, and accounting.


Dr. Singh earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Finance.

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