Director of Finance and Administration

Resides In

Seattle, WA


University of Texas at Austin


Accounting, Wall Street, Finance

Company Info



  • Certified Public Accountant (WA)
  • Accounting and finance leader with 10+ years of experience
  • Assisted in due diligence process and successful sale of Mercent Corporation to CommerceHub
  • Led the accounting, finance and administration team as the first accounting hire at Placed, Inc., through to acquisition by Snapchat
  • Current focus is on advancing worthy causes in the nonprofit sector


Eric Fontinelle is a CPA with expertise in startups and nonprofits. He has written about various topics, including a Wall Street fraud trend known as a “High-Yield investment Program" (HYIP). He has written articles on the most favorable states for investment bankers to hang their shingle and thrive over the long term, and things bond investors should know about maturity: coupons, liquidation preference, tax status, credit default risk, and prepayment risk.


Eric earned his bachelor's in finance from the University of Texas at Austin.