Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell is a proprietary trader and CMT® charter holder specializing in short to medium-term technical strategies. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to trader education and market analysis.

After graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been trading multiple markets and educating traders since 2005. He has been widely published and is a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and the CMT Association. He's the author of the Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders - an eBook introducing traders to the basics of Forex, the formula for success and price action trading strategies.

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  1. Trading Strategy

    StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTR)

    StockCharts Technical Rank is a proprietary ranking for stocks within a group, created by John Murphy for the financial data ...
  2. Trading Strategy

    Force Index

    The Force Index is a technical measure of the market power behind the movement of a stock's price in a particular period.
  3. Trading Strategy

    What the Market Open Tells You

    The first few moments of trading provide a lot of information that can give insight into the market's moves for the day. ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Using Bollinger Bands to Gauge Trends

    Learn three Bollinger Bands® strategies that can be used for analysis or generating trade signals.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Continuation Patterns: An Introduction

    Learn the most common varieties of continuation patterns and how they work in market analysis.
  6. Trading Strategy

    Trading Volatile Stocks With Technical Indicators

    Short-term traders seek volatility because of the profit potential. Discover how to find volatile stocks and use technical ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    Simple Versus Exponential Moving Averages

    These technical indicators help traders visualize trends by smoothing out price movements, but they are based on different ...
  8. Trading Strategy

    3 Reasons Not to Trade Range Breakouts

    Trading range breakouts is unprofitable for most novice traders. Learn why and discover some alternatives that take advantage ...
  9. FA Relevant

    Exchange-Traded Commodity (ETC)

    An exchange-traded commodity (ETC) gives traders and investors exposure to commodities (called the underlying) in the form ...
  10. ETFs

    How is an ETC Different From an ETF?

    Exchange-traded commodity could be colloquially used to refer to a commodity ETF, but an ETC is actually a product name for ...
  11. Forex & Currencies

    A Trader's Guide to Using Fractals

    This reversal pattern, known as fractals, can make sense of the seeming randomness of market movements and improve your trading.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Introduction To Counterparty Risk

    Unlike a funded loan, the exposure from a credit derivative is complicated. Find out everything you need to know about counterparty ...
  13. ETFs

    How to Day Trade Volatility ETFs

    A primer on how to day trade volatility ETFs, and the best time to do it.
  14. Forex & Currencies

    How to Calculate an Exchange Rate

    Struggling to get a grasp on exchange rates? Here's what you need to know.
  15. Asset Allocation

    Optimal Position Size Reduces Risk

    Finding the right position size can minimize loss for a trader.
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