Jay Kaeppel

Jay Kaeppel is a trading strategist with Optionetics, Inc. and writes a weekly column, Kaeppel's Corner for optionetics.com. Kaeppel has been active in financial markets for over two decades. He was the head trader at a CTA for 8 years and a trading system and trading software developer for 15 years. As an author, Kaeppel has published three books on trading, "The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading" (1998), "The Four Biggest Mistakes in Futures Trading"(2000), "The Option Trader's Guide to Probability, Volatility and Timing"(2002) and "Seasonal Stock Market Trends: The Definitive Guide to Seasonal Stock Market Trading"(2009). He has written over 25 articles for magazines, such as Stocks and Commidities and Active Trader.

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  1. ETFs

    ETF Options Versus Index Options

    Choosing either ETF options or index options can make the difference between big profits or a big bust.
  2. ETFs

    Master Futures Trading With Trend Indicators

    In trading, the quickest way to make money is to latch onto a trend in a futures market. Uncover which trend is most profitable ...
  3. Trading Strategy

    Advanced Option Trading: The Modified Butterfly Spread

    This strategy allows traders to craft a position with unique risk/reward characteristics.
  4. Investing Strategy

    Taking Advantage of Volatility Spikes

    Learn how options traders can follow the strategy of using volatility spikes with put credit spreads to improve their chances ...
  5. Trading Strategy

    Bear Put Spreads: An Alternative to Short Selling

    This strategy allows you to stop chasing losses when you're feeling bearish.
  6. Trading Strategy

    Combining Trend and Countertrend Indicators

    In the long run, one of the best approaches might be to meld these two disparate methods.
  7. Trading Strategy

    Options: Implied Volatility and Calendar Spread

    Even if risk curves on a calendar spread look enticing, a trader needs to assess implied volatility.
  8. Forex & Currencies

    Trading Forex Trends With MACD And Moving Averages

    Although based on short-term trading, keeping the long-term picture in mind will help investors trade with the trend.
  9. Trading Strategy

    Profit On Any Price Change With Long Straddles

    In this strategy, traders cash in when the underlying security rises - and when it falls.
  10. Commodities

    Options On Gold And Silver ETFs

    Trading the commodities can mean extra expenses. These commodity-based ETFs give you the flexibility of trading like stocks. ...
  11. Forex & Currencies

    Using Elliott Wave To Trade Forex Markets

    Learn how to set up a trading plan using this method, to profit as a forex trader.
  12. Trading Instruments

    Understanding The 2010 Options Symbology

    There is a wealth of information in the expanded option symbols, but they should make things easier for traders.
  13. Trading Strategy

    Trade The Covered Call - Without The Stock

    The standard covered call can be used to hedge positions or generate income. This calendar spread may do so more effectively. ...
  14. Trading Strategy

    Options Trading: The Modidor Spread

    Use this modification of an iron condor to reduce risk and increase your chance at profiting on the trade.
  15. Trading Strategy

    Sizing A Futures Trade Using Average True Range

    Futures trading is risky business, so it's crucial that traders' positions match the level of risk they are willing to bear. ...
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