Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Portland State University

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Campbell Financial


  • 19+ years of background in the financial industry
  • Worked with financial content management and instructional design for 15+ years and is an investment coach
  • Writes financial articles for several online media outlets and has 11+ years of experience


Ryan Campbell has more than 19 years of background in the financial industry. Since 2003, he has been the content manager and instructional designer for TD Ameritrade, where his focus is to use proven pedagogical methods to teach complex concepts of investing. Ryan is an investment coach and has taught novice and advanced investors, alike, in one-on-one and group environments. He worked with Wells Fargo for more than two years in the capacity of a personal banker and later with business development. Before that time, Ryan was a Registered Investment Advisor with Edward Jones.

Ryan also has more than 11 years of background in freelance financial writing through Campbell Financial, a business he started in 2007, and where he acts as president. He contributes articles to Forbes, Investopedia, and TD Ameritrade. Ryan's topics include explaining technical indicators, identifying trading and investing strategies, and outlining the risks and rewards of investing in bonds, options, and other securities. You will see his work in syndication on Yahoo. Ryan holds a Certified Market Technician (CMT) designation.


Ryan earned his bachelor's degree in political science form Portland State University and received his Master of Science from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.