• 10+ years experience in digital communications, editing, and website management
  • Former managing editor at Investopedia
  • Experience in everything from large scale print, books, and magazines to building digital presence for Canada's largest airport


Erin Joyce has been managing websites since the Netscape Navigator days. She combines her love of digital with her expertise in editorial for clients of all sizes and in a variety of fields, from trampoline parks to international airports.

As an editor, Erin has worked on academic projects (from high school to graduate school level), blogs, graduate school applications, web content, financial educational content, marketing materials, and full manuscripts.

Erin's freelance writing credits include published articles on Financial Edge, part of Investopedia.com (Forbes Digital Media), with pick ups on Yahoo, MSN, The Globe and Mail, Forbes.com, and more.


Erin received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the University of Toronto.

Quote from Erin Joyce

"Knowledge is power, and with the internet we can all be powerful."