• Began his career as an assistant to a stockbroker
  • Previously worked for a dotcom, where he observed stratospheric growth first hand, until the dotcom bubble burst in 2000
  • Recently worked with a privately-owned Registered Investment Advisor, in various capacities, in order to gain invaluable insight about the temperament of individual investors


Ryan Barnes is a lifelong investing enthusiast, poring over stock quotes as early as the 7th grade. Ryan was fortunate to have early investment muses. His university had a program allowing undergraduate students to manage part of an alumni endowment fund, giving students the license to create a diversified portfolio of stock holdings and analyze investment performance. Throughout his career, Barnes has been an assistant to a stockbroker, a late 90’s dot-commer, and he recently worked with a privately-owned Registered Investment Advisor.


Ryan is currently pursuing his CFA designation.