• Director of business development at Equities.com
  • 10+ years as a financial writer
  • Designated certified financial planner


Steven P. Orlowski writes about financial matters. He is a certified financial planner with expertise in retirement planning, wealth management, and insurance. Currently the director of business management at Equities.com, he worked as a financial advisor beginning in 1997 at companies including MassMutual Financial Group, Allstate Financial Services LLC, and HSBC. He is also a new media professional with expertise in content and technical development, marketing strategies, and site design.

Steven works with research and other departments to refine current publishing schedules and define new media outreach efforts, including publicly available newsletters and website research. He is responsible for writing, editing, and strategizing media efforts and publications, including trade shows, sales materials, and advertising.


 Steven earned his bachelor's degree in finance from Stockton University.