Jean Folger

  • • Co-founder of PowerZone Trading, a company that provides innovative market indicators, custom programming and educational services designed to enhance and improve trading performance.
  • • 10+ years as a freelance financial writer
  • • Expert in financial analysis and technical trading strategies



Jean Folger has been actively involved in the financial markets for more than 10 years as a private trader, educator, and co-founder of PowerZone Trading. Jean is an award-winning author and regular contributor to industry magazines and financial news outlets. 

Her interest in technical analysis may best be explained in July 2013 interview she gave to Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine: “Technical analysis really clicked for me from the beginning. I am active in a lot of adventure sports like mountain biking, kite surfing, and whitewater kayaking. When I started kayaking hard rivers, I never felt comfortable just following a more experienced kayaker through a difficult rapid. I always wanted to stop above the rapid and scout it – take a look at it, watch how the water is moving, and come with a plan based on what I saw. Once I saw my line, I was confident I could navigate the rapid, whereas if someone else was telling me where to go, it didn't work well for me. I had to see it myself. Trading is the same way. I felt like it was really easy to follow other people, like analysts, when making investment decisions, but I wanted to see the trade for myself. Technical analysis gave me the tools I needed to make my own decisions.” 


Jean graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Ohio University in 1991.

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