University of Chicago Law School


  • Tax attorney at WoodLLP and author of numerous tax books and articles
  • Author of Taxation of Damage Awards and other books, and articles on how plaintiffs and defendants are taxed in litigation
  • Provides tax advice worldwide from offices in San Francisco, including tax disputes, tax opinions, tax advice on legal settlements, offshore accounts, crypto, and many other matters


Often listed among the best tax lawyers in America, Robert Wood has broad experience in corporate, partnership and individual tax matters. Concerning the tax treatment of litigation settlements and judgments, he is perhaps the preeminent tax lawyer in the United States. He is also an authority on merger and acquisition tax matters, tax opinions, offshore account and entity disclosures, and many types of tax controversies.

Robert's tax planning and tax controversy work is broad-based, including tax opinions, audits, appeals, rulings, protests, appellate conferences, closing agreements, tax court, district court, and appellate court litigation. In addition, he is a frequent expert witness on tax matters in civil cases, in disputes over independent contractor versus employee classification, class actions, and tax and accounting malpractice cases.

Robert has consistently been rated among the top ten tax lawyers in the U.S. by United States Lawyer Rankings, was awarded the State Bar of California's Judson Klein Award, is featured in numerous who's who and best lawyers publications. The author of more than 30 tax books, Robert writes tax columns for, and pens regular articles for Tax Notes and other publications. He has often appeared in the media discussing tax issues.


Rob has a bachelor's degree that he earned in 1979 from the University of Chicago Law School. Rob is admitted to the bar in California, New York, the District of Columbia, Texas, Montana, Arizona, Washington, and Wyoming. He is also qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales. He was Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in taxation in 1987.

Quote from Robert W. Wood

"Taxes are often quite dependent on how things are structured, and seemingly similar facts can sometimes have quite different tax results. I enjoy untangling tax problems, whether they involve past reporting and tax disputes or future planning."