• Co-founder of Investopedia and Divestopedia
  • Founder of private investment firm, Galt Capital
  • Current CEO of AltaML


Cory co-founded Investopedia with his college roommate in 1999, while still at the University of Alberta. He sold the company to Forbes Media in 2007. He then founded Galt Capital, a private investment firm with a value focus, as well as Janalta Interactive, an online publisher and educational company. He recently co-founded Divestopedia with his father, Divestopedia strives to be a resource of people looking to sell their companies at the best price and terms.

Cory's recent internal projects around machine learning have resulted in the spinoff of an AI-incubator by the name of AltaML, which he is currently the CEO. The mission of AltaML is to build transformational software applications for business, powered by machine learning.


Cory has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta in commerce.