Barry Nielsen

Barry Nielsen

G. Barry Nielsen is a homeowner with a large household of six children. Nielsen has an MBA from George Mason University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. As a member of the CFA Institute, Nielsen is part of a group made up of of more than 89,000 individual voting members and 134 member societies across the globe that believe in setting a higher standard for the investment profession.

Nielsen has worked for several large mortgage lenders and financial institutions (Freddie Mac, American General, Washington Mutual and Countrywide Home Loans) in mortgage pricing, trading and portfolio management.

Nielsen owns and operates MortgageGraphics, Inc., a web-based mortgage calculator designed to help consumers make educated, risk-based mortgage decisions. MortgageGraphics provides simple but informative illustrations of all types of mortgages and their associated risks and allows consumers to compare and contrast mortgage features and values in tables, graphs and schedules. MortgageGraphics has several specialized reports such as a Mortgage Index Forecast Report, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Scenario Analysis, and a Payment Option ARM Analysis, all designed to ensure that consumers make informed, risk-based and economical mortgage decisions.

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  1. Mortgage Rates

    How Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market

    Understand how rate changes can affect home prices and learn how you can keep up.
  2. Commodities

    Why You Can't Influence Gas Prices

    Neither big oil companies nor consumers are responsible for oil prices: it's basic economics.
  3. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Understanding Interest Rates, Inflation And Bonds

    Get to know the relationships that determine a bond's price and its payout.
  4. Markets & Economy

    Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac And The Credit Crisis Of 2008

    Ten years ago today, regulators eased capital requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, allowing them to buy up to $2 ...
  5. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Bond yield curve holds predictive powers

    This measure can shed light on future economic activity, inflation levels and interest rates.
  6. Bonds / Fixed Income

    How Bond Market Pricing Works

    Want to know how bond price are determined? Learn the basic rule of the bond market.
  7. Real Estate

    Cut Commissions With 'For Sale By Owner' Sales

    It takes a lot more work, but selling your home without a real estate agent can have benefits.
  8. Markets & Economy

    Stagflation, 1970s Style

    Find out how Milton Friedman's monetarist theory helped bring the U.S. out of the economic doldrums.
  9. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Behind the scenes of your mortgage

    Four major players slice and dice your mortgage in the secondary market
  10. Real Estate

    Why Housing Market Bubbles Pop

    Home price appreciation is not assured. Can you withstand the volatility in this market?
  11. Mortgage Insurance

    How to Outsmart Private Mortgage Insurance

    It's possible to use a second mortgage to avoid this fee, but is it in your best interest?
  12. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Ways to Be Mortgage-Free Faster

    Getting rid of this debt faster has bigger benefits than you might think.
  13. Refinance Mortgage

    How Refinancing a Mortgage Affects Your Net Worth

    Find out how to determine whether refinancing will put you ahead – or even more behind.
  14. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Understanding Bond Prices and Yields

    Understanding this relationship can help an investor in any market.
  15. Alternative Investments

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Boon Or Boom?

    These two companies are crucial to the mortgage market, but are they ticking timebombs?
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