University of Colorado, University of Vermont, American Graduate School of International Management


  • Nearly 40 years of experience in banking, corporate financial consulting, and nonprofit development assistance programs
  • An accomplished educator with 37+ years in teaching the public about investing
  • Author of five books on investing


Richard Loth's career spans nearly four decades and includes expertise in international banking, corporate financing, and foreign development assistance programs, which focused on Latin America, Africa, and the Far East. His background includes work for Citibank, the Fleet National Bank, and the Bank of Montreal in the capacity of risk analyst, lending officer, and as an independent financial consultant.

Richard is an accomplished and dedicated educator. He has more than 37 years of involvement in teaching the public about investing. He has taught at Georgetown University Business School, the University of Maine–Hutchinson Center, and lectured at the Vail Campus of the Colorado Mountain College. He also conducts investment workshops at several public libraries in Colorado. In 2012, Richard started the Fund Investor’s Schoolhouse™, to teach about mutual fund investing, available at

His published works include five books, including the Annual Report Glossary, How to Profit from Reading Annual Reports, Select Winning Stocks Using Financial Statements, Finding Investment Quality in a Mutual Fund, and Exceptional Mutual Fund Investing Know-How from Morningstar. Richard also authored an American Stock Exchange public affairs brochure, "The Shareholder’s Glossary." Richard writes numerous investment articles for various media outlets, including Forbes, Investopedia, and Yahoo Finance, and in community newspapers.


Richard received his Bachelor of Foreign Trade in political science and international business from the American Graduate School of International Management. He also received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont. He earned his Master of Arts from the University of Colorado.