Ramapo College of New Jersey


  •  7+ years of experience in writing financial content
  • Writes about an array of topics, but his specialties are research analyst, insurance, and retirement topics
  • Has been featured on sites such as Street Authority, Investing Daily, and Money Show


Tim Begany is a freelance financial writer who has more than seven years of experience. He became an Investopedia contributor in 2011. Begany's work appears on several online financial literacy websites, including Investopedia, Street Authority, Investing Daily, Money Show, and GoBankingRates. His work for Investopedia appears in syndication and as partner content on and Yahoo, and his articles for StreetAuthority republish on Seeking Alpha.

Tim worked at several financial planning and investment advisory firms, where he participated in the development and management of stock, bond, and mutual fund portfolios and helped clients with comprehensive financial planning.

An example of Tim's work includes "Top 6 Features Of A Great Disability Policy." In this article, Tim begins by defining what insurance companies consider a disability. He goes on to give a summary of several waiting and probationary periods often contained in these policies. Tim ends the work with a discussion about protecting the plan from inflation and looks at issues when renewing the policy.


Tim earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ramapo College of New Jersey.