Tim Parker

Tim Parker has a Bachelors and Masters in Education and is the owner of ECS, a company specializing in financial and small business content for print and online media. His work is published on many of the best known media outlets as well as magazines, industry publications, and newspapers. He also runs breakingfinancenews.com and bibledollar.com. He loves all things creative and is passionate about volunteering in the nonprofit sector. Tim lives in Florida where he often sets up a mobile office on the Gulf of Mexico beaches.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    Institutional Ownership

    Institutional ownership refers to stock that is held by investment firms, funds, and other large entities rather than individual, ...
  2. Mutual Funds

    Closed-End vs. Open-End Funds

    Open-end products may be a safer choice than closed-end, but closed-end funds might produce a better return.
  3. Retirement Savings

    Seven smart ways to manage your 401(k)

    Now that 401(k)s have put managing retirement money into employees' hands, you can't just contribute and forget about it. ...
  4. Retirement Savings

    Maxing Out Your 401(k) Is Profitable: Here's Why

    It's shocking, but most American workers (73%) have no 401(k) retirement funds. Start saving now to anchor your retirement.
  5. Retirement Savings

    8 Reasons to Roll Over Your 401(k) to an IRA

    Switching jobs? Moving your retirement savings into an IRA has advantages that may allow you to build a larger nest egg.
  6. Investing Strategy

    3 Ways to Increase Your Investment Performance

    Learn three strategies for savvy investors to deploy their investment dollars to increase performance and put their money ...
  7. Markets & Economy

    Border Adjustment Tax

    Border adjustment tax is a proposed tax on goods based on where they are sold rather than where they are produced.
  8. Career / Compensation

    Salary vs. Hourly: How Benefits and Laws Differ

    Before you decide on hourly pay versus salary, you should consider the pros and cons and be aware of how changing laws could ...
  9. Retirement Savings

    Is a Target-Date Fund the Best Choice?

    Target-date funds are increasingly becoming the default choice, but can you do better on your own?
  10. Retirement

    Financial Strategies as You Approach Retirement

    Don't be caught underfunded when it comes time for retirement. Here are seven financial strategies that can help you retire ...
  11. Investing Strategy

    A Beginners' Guide To Managing Your Money

    This guide to managing your money will help you learn how to invest and understand risks before becoming your own financial ...
  12. Trading Strategy

    Trading in the Pre- and Post-Market Sessions

    Pre-market and after-hours trading may offer benefits for traders, but there are some potential problems.
  13. Budgeting & Savings

    Help! My Unemployment Benefits Are Running Out

    Don't wait for your unemployment insurance to expire before planning what to do if you haven't found a new job yet.
  14. Small Business

    Financing a business: The basics

    From debt financing to equity financing, there are numerous ways to fund a business startup. But which is the best funding ...
  15. Retirement Savings

    How Does My Part-time Job Affect Social Security?

    Social Security benefits are important for retirees' finances, but a part-time job can complicate matters if certain benchmarks ...
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