Tim Parker

  • • Financial journalist for more than 11 years serving some of the largest and best known media outlets in the world.
  • • Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education
  • • Owned, built, and sold numerous financial blogs



Because financial planning for retirement is an underserved market in financial media, Tim finds himself wanting to help people looking for information in that area. Specifically Social Security, Medicare, 401(k), 403(b), and IRA planning, and estates. Tim also has a lot of published work on technical analysis and general stock picking. He doesn't just write about investing--he's an avid investor who enjoys all aspects of the market. Tim's TV is tuned to CNBC all day!


Tim received his Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati.

Quote from Tim

"I believe that we build wealth through financial discipline but financial discipline first comes from education. Financial literacy isn't taught in school yet it's an extremely complex topic that everybody, regardless of education, background, or bank account balance, has to get right. I love what I do because I can take complex topics and make them easy to understand."

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  1. Banking

    Top 5 Debit Cards for Teens

    Help your kids learn the basics about money with a debit card that doesn't saddle them with big fees and charges.
  2. Budgeting & Savings

    How Much Cash Should I Keep in the Bank?

    Which portion of your money belongs in a bank, not somewhere else?
  3. Retirement Savings

    How To Set Up a Trust Fund If You're Not Rich

    You don't need to be wealthy to create your own trust fund. Here's why and how to go about it.
  4. Banking

    How to Find the Right Prepaid Debit Card

    Prepaid debit cards have become very popular. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for your needs.
  5. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    How Mortgages Affect Credit Scores

    It takes a good credit score to get favorable mortgage rates. Then, how you pay a mortgage will shape your score – just having ...
  6. Banking

    Top Premium Checking Accounts

    Which banks offer the best deals for premium checking accounts — and what do you have to do to qualify for one?
  7. Banking

    Is A Premium Checking Account Worth It?

    Premium checking accounts give you free checking and other perks in return for keeping a certain balance in the bank. Is ...
  8. Small Business

    How to Start a Side Business

    If you're looking to start a business, the best bet is to smart small and do something you enjoy.
  9. Insurance


    Medigap, also called Medicare Supplement Insurance, is private health insurance coverage designed to cover excess costs not ...
  10. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Costs and Benefits of a Home Depot Credit Card

    Got a home improvement project? A Home Depot credit card can help you get supplies to tackle it – but keep in mind these ...
  11. Retirement Savings

    Maxing Out Your 401(k) and What to Do Next

    If contributing the max to your 401(k) is possible, you should consider it. And for the super savers out there, there are ...
  12. ETFs

    Etfs or Mutual Funds for Your Ira?

    Most actively managed mutual funds fail to beat the market over a long period of time, so it's probably best to go with ETFs ...
  13. Entrepreneurship

    Where Do Unicorn Founders Go to College?

    Unicorn founders have created private companies worth $1 billion or more. So who educated them? Where to go unicorn hunting.
  14. Insurance

    Medigap Insurance: Who Needs It?

    You already have Medicare, why would you need to spend more money on Medigap?
  15. Taxes

    Top Tax Advantages of Buying a Home

    If you're a homeowner, don't forget these deductions and credits, which you can use to reduce your tax bill.
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