• 14+ years as a freelance writer, specializing in business, finance, productivity, personal growth, and creativity
  • 10+ years as a content strategist for small teams, primarily SaaS and productivity/business app companies
  • Columnist, blogger, ghostwriter, copywriter, and author


​As a freelance writer and content creator, Annie Mueller's experience is in creating and using sane, effective content strategies for businesses large and small; producing print and digital deliverables for a wide variety of uses (newsletters, magazines, website copy, catalog copy, internal documentation, white papers, sales materials, etc.); and helping individuals and businesses figure out what they need to do and how they can do it for their content-related goals.

As a system builder, Annie's experience is in envisioning and building streamlined, user-friendly content systems for individuals and businesses; helping people define their goals and priorities, cut the extraneous, throw fear out the window, see the obstacles, and choose effective actions; finding, hacking, or creating the tools, resources, and content needed to build those routes (or systems); and helping people understand, build, own, maintain, and effectively use those systems. 

Her past clients include marketing firms, widely read publications and websites, financial corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and tech start-ups.


Annie earned her Bachelor's Degree in English from Mississippi State University.

Quote from Annie Mueller

"I love helping people get over their money fear, see a bigger picture and find new possibilities. Money is such an emotional subject for us; we have all sorts of baggage and mental limitations, ideas of what's okay and what isn't. I like to help people think practically and openly about what can work for them, and find the next steps to take as they move toward what they want."