Matt Cavallaro

Matt Cavallaro is Senior Equity Analyst for BetterTrades. Matt previously worked in Merrill Lynch's private client group and as an analyst with Laidlaw & Company, a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm. Matt graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in Economics, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst Candidate and Chartered Market Technician Affiliate.

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  1. Financial Analysis

    The Dangers of Share Dilution

    Investors need to be aware of dilutive securities and how they can affect existing shareholders.
  2. High Net Worth Living

    How To Avoid Buying A "Lemon" Product

    A lack of information can lead people into bad purchases and bad investments. Find out how you can avoid these lemons.
  3. Forex & Currencies

    Managing Currency Exposure In Your Portfolio

    The value of your investments is impacted by changes in global currency exchange rates. Find out how.
  4. Career / Compensation

    Minimum Wage: Good Cause Or Economic Pariah?

    Here are some positives and negatives to help you decide where you stand on the minimum wage debate.
  5. Stocks

    Stillwater Mining Or North American Palladium?

    Looking for a pure play platinum metals producer? There's really only one option.
  6. Stocks

    Flavors & Fragrances Growing Stale

    A foul wind is making shares of International Flavors & Fragrances hard to digest.
  7. Commodities

    A Look Inside The Natural Gas Pipeline

    The United States is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, but natural gas stocks were a mixed bag last year.
  8. Stocks

    2011's Biggest Mergers and Acquisitions

    M&A activity rebounded in a big way in 2011. Here's a look back at the biggest mergers and acquisitions during the year. ...
  9. Stocks

    2011's Biggest IPOs

    2011 was another big year for IPOs.
  10. Financial Analysis

    What Investors Can Learn From M&A Payment Methods

    How a company pays in a merger or acquisition can reveal a lot about the buyer and seller. We tell you what to look for. ...
  11. Stocks

    Uranium Stocks Rebounding

    More than six months have gone by since the Japan earthquake. Uranium stocks are ready to regenerate.
  12. Stocks

    Can You Rest In Peace With Funeral Stocks?

    Barring a zombie apocalypse, deathcare companies can always look forward to a healthy stream of incoming clients.
  13. Commodities

    Which Gold ETF Should You Own?

    Now may be a good time to get into gold ETFs. Here's how to do so, and which ETFs should be considered the best bet.
  14. Stocks

    Very Cheap Solar Stocks

    Look no further than the beaten-down solar patch for attractively priced consumer tech stocks.
  15. Forex & Currencies

    Hedging With Currency Swaps

    The wrong currency movement can crush positive portfolio returns. Find out how to hedge against it.
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