Glenn Curtis

  • • 7+ years of experience as an equity analyst and finance manager with several leading companies
  • • 12+ years of work experience in strategic and market research
  • • Additional 7+ years of experience as a financial writer and analyst for trade publications and venues including Business Insider, CNN, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, and The Washington Times


As an equity research analyst, Glenn reviewed stocks to provide insight and recommendations to firms, traders, and institutional and individual investors. In this aspect, he worked with, Worldly Investor,, and Cantone Research.

As the Vice President of market intelligence for Citi, a position he has held for over eight years, his focus is on the American depositary receipts (ADR) marketplace. Working in the ADR field, Glenn analyses the securities of non-U.S. companies to provide accurate information and advance Citi's confidence in decisions, market opportunities, development, and penetration. Glenn also worked with Canadian mass media firm Thomson Reuters as a director of strategic research. Here he worked with guiding the collection of broad knowledge which is a mainstay for the Reuters firm.

His research goes beyond analyzing the financial statements of the companies he covers. He also speaks with the management, vendors, and distributors of those companies. His research allows him to distill vast amounts of information and facts into concise, informative, and easy-to-read articles. Glenn states his favorite part of his work as a financial writer is when he helps his readers save money and also make money.

Glenn writes for both print and online publications and brokerage firms including Advanced Trading Magazine, Investopedia, Registered Representative Magazine,,, Prudential Securities, and Several trade publications and venues including Business Insider, CNN, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, and The Washington Times will quote his work.


Glenn earned his Master of Business Administration from Monmouth University.

Professional Designations

Glenn holds the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) designation, as well as Series 6, 7, 24, and 63 licenses.

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