Glenn Curtis

Glenn Curtis started his career as an equity analyst at Cantone Research, a New Jersey-based regional brokerage firm. He has since worked as an equity analyst and a financial writer at a number of print/web publications and brokerage firms including Registered Representative Magazine, Advanced Trading Magazine,,, and Prudential Securities. Curtis has also held Series 6, 7, 24 and 63 securities licenses.

As a freelance financial writer and analyst, Curtis has also been quoted in a variety of trade publications and venues including Investor's Business Daily, The Washington Times, Forbes and CNN.

Curtis enjoys not only perusing the financial statements of the companies he covers, but also speaking with the management, vendors and distributors of those companies. But perhaps his favorite part of his job as a financial writer is helping his readers both save and make money.

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  1. Investing Strategy

    5 Common Pitfalls of Copycat Investing

    Learn about the dangers of copying another well-known investor's portfolio, known as copycat investing. Find out some pitfalls ...
  2. FA Profession

    Find Your Niche in the Financial Industry

    In this article, we'll discuss the personal characteristics, education and training you need to obtain the financial career ...
  3. Investing Strategy

    5 Tricks Companies Use During Earnings Season

    Companies use all kinds of tactics or tricks during earnings season to make bad earnings look good. Find out how to see through ...
  4. Trading

    Eight Factors That Affect Daily Trades

    Find out which factors can help you squeeze more profit out of each position.
  5. Trading Strategy

    Introduction to Trading: Scalpers

    This type of trader makes many trades per day to 'scalp' a small profit from each trade.
  6. Mutual Funds

    Bond Funds Boost Income, Reduce Risk

    Bond funds can provide stable returns for those who depend on their investment income.
  7. Small Business

    Don't get sued: 5 tips to protect your small business

    Find out what you can do to limit risk and keep your business running smoothly. How to avoid a lawsuit and the actions to ...
  8. Small Business

    6 steps to a better business budget

    Learn how budgeting helps owners understand how to keep their businesses running. These six tips can help you create a top-notch ...
  9. Investing

    How to Invest Like a Hedge Fund

    Hedge funds earn big returns for investors. Find out how they do it and whether you can, too.
  10. High Net Worth Strategy

    The Path to Becoming a CEO

    Think you have what it takes to be chief executive? Find out what those at the top have in common.
  11. Investing Strategy

    Top 5 reasons for a stock slide

    Prices seldom drop without cause. Find out what might make your stock unexpectedly decline following an earnings report. ...
  12. Investing Strategy

    Think like Warren Buffett

    They don't call him "the Oracle" for nothing. Learn how the legendary investor Warren Buffett comes up with his winning picks.
  13. Mutual Funds

    How To Pick a Good Mutual Fund

    Are you thinking about investing in a mutual fund? Learn how to evaluate mutual funds and find the right one for you.
  14. Investing Strategy

    Top 9 questions investors should ask management

    Find out how to get the investment research answers you want from management – without getting the company line – using these ...
  15. Stocks

    Value Traps: Bargain Hunters Beware!

    Find out how to avoid getting sucked in by a deceptively inexpensive stock.
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