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  1. Stocks

    ​​​​​​​A Shopping List for 2018: Consumer & Retail Favorites

    Each year, we ask the nation’s leading newsletter advisors for their favorite stocks for the year ahead. Ten experts see ...
  2. Stocks

    Here’s 8 Energy Stocks to Power Your Portfolio in 2018

    Oil has been showing considerable strength, buoyed by strong demand, frigid weather and geopolitical concerns from Iran to ...
  3. Stocks

    10 Bounce Candidates for Year-end Bargain Hunters

    Artificial selling pressure, created by investors tossing their losers, offers some unusual short-term opportunities at year-end. ...
  4. Stocks

    On the Road and Off: Autos, RVs and Snowmobiles

    A robust economy and high consumer confidence are providing tailwinds to the auto sector. Several contributors ...
  5. Stocks

    Floors, Walls, Windows & Roofs: Best Buys in Building Products

    The housing, building and remodeling sectors have been strong, buoyed by a steady economy and rising confidence. Meanwhile, ...
  6. ETFs

    Worried About Market Risk? Consider These Value ETFs

    Although value has been out-of-favor relative to growth in recent years, more cautious advisors are increasingly looking ...
  7. Investing

    9 Fund Favorites for Income Investors

    Historically low interest rates have created challenges in recent years for investors seeking yield. For those who want to ...
  8. Stocks

    These 7 Restaurant Chains Serve up Tasty Returns

    From burgers to wings and Mexican to Mediterranean fare, several contributors highlight the best restaurant ...
  9. Stocks

    8 Experts See Long-Term Glitter in Gold

    Despite gold’s lackluster performance in recent years, several contributors believe gold remains an important ...
  10. Stocks

    10 Experts Look to Oil and Gas to Energize Your Portfolio

    After several years of weak demand and falling prices, the oil sector has regained its footing, stabilizing above the key ...
  11. Stocks

    At the Movies: 6 Top Theater Turnarounds

    George Putnam III looks at the movie industry and six turnaround ideas among theater operators.
  12. International / Global

    Latin American Buys: Argentina, Brazil and Colombia contributors suggest ways for investors to gain exposure through U.S. listed shares, mutual funds and ETFs. ...
  13. Stocks

    In the Chips: 10 Experts Share Semiconductor Buys

    The PHLX Semiconductor Index (SOX) has risen over 32% year to date, more than double the gain of the S&P 500. Chasing ...
  14. Stocks

    Beyond Gold: Top Picks in Industrial Metals

    Although industrial metals don’t have the "glitter" of precious metals, several contributors are looking beyond ...
  15. Stocks

    13 Ways to Invest in Cybersecurity

    Rarely a week goes by without a new media story about data breaches, hacking schemes or cyber attacks impacting individuals, ...
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