Financial writer and researcher


  • Has been trading on the stock market since 1986, with a particular emphasis on options trading
  • Ran a highly successful investment advice business from 1986 to 1998
  • Sold his business and made trading his primary source of income in 1998


Ian has been an independent financial writer and researcher since 1998, and this combination of practical trading and technical knowledge has created great results. Prior to starting his website, Ian was constantly approached by people wanting him to trade for them. He decided that rather than "giving them fish," he would teach them to fish so that they could create their own profitable source of independent income. This was the basis for the creation of (SOME). Ian wanted to share his knowledge, techniques, and straightforward methods of explaining options trading with a wider number of people.

Through the website, individuals are able to become members, which provides them with all the real-time information they need to follow the proven and profitable strategies employed by SOME to conduct their own options and/or stock trading successfully and simply.


Ian earned a Doctorate Degree with a focus on finance and marketing.

Quote from Ian Harvey

"My goal is to continue making money doing what I love, and helping others to do the same by sharing my wealth of knowledge through my writing and consulting services."