M.P. McQueen

M.P. McQueen is an award-winning writer based in New York with more than 15 years of experience writing about personal finance and consumer topics for national publications including The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports.

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    Retirement Woes Remain As Housing, Stock Markets Rebound

    Despite a rebounding stock market and recent housing gains, retiring comfortably remains an elusive goal for the majority ...
  2. Real Estate

    Forget McMansions, In-Town Homes Offer Best Values

    Aging baby boomers, Gen X-ers and plugged-in Millennials are seeking the walkable communities of yesteryear. Smaller and ...
  3. Health Insurance

    Beware The Liability Of Sharing Your Car With Strangers

    Car sharing, the newest way to rent a car, is catching on in the U.S., Canada and Europe. But both renters and the car owners ...