Randall Smith

Randall Smith was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal for more than three decades, and currently writes freelance articles about investing for the New York Times. The son of a New York City publicist, he graduated from Harvard College, served as a Lieutenant (j.g.) in the U.S. Navy, and worked at the New York Post and New York Daily News before joining the Journal in 1981. In 2002, Smith and colleague Susan Pulliam won the George Polk award for stories about an investigation of how brokers at Credit Suisse First Boston charged trading clients excessive commissions in exchange for receiving valuable shares of hot initial public offerings. In 2003, Smith and a group of colleagues shared a Pulitzer Prize for articles about corporate scandals. He is the author of "The Prince of Silicon Valley: Frank Quattrone and the Dot-Com Bubble." The opinions expressed are his own. Email him at randall.smith.234@gmail.com.

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