• Freelance content writer for multiple financial websites, including Investopedia and The Motley Fool
  • 100+ articles published on a wide range of personal finance topics
  • Focuses her content towards helping young adults with personal finance issues


Katherine Muniz' articles typically focus on topics that are relevant to younger adults, including student debt, college finances, and consumer spending. She has contributed to other web publications besides Investopedia, including smartasset.com, where she authored a series on travel related subjects.

Katherine wrote numerous articles for mybanktracker.com, a leading source of financial news, and personal finance information. Her content included topics such as credit cards, student debt, bankruptcy, money management, and banking. Currently working as a content writer for FingerCheck, Katherine creates a wide range of public-facing business content, including blog content and client newsletters.


Katherine received her bachelor's degree in communication and media studies with a concentration in journalism from Fordham University.