• Virtual reality screenwriter, attorney, and CPA
  • Writer for Investopedia's definitions content
  • 20+ years as CFO/Controller for various tech start-ups


Jeff Johnston is currently combining his knowledge of screenwriting and storytelling, law, finance, accounting, and business to create virtual reality content. Writing the scripts for Investopedia's video definitions was instrumental in building a foundation for taking these skills to the virtual reality domain. That domain is still emerging and developing, so he's excited to see what happens. While that develops, Jeff is working on various virtual reality scripts for when opportunities arise.


Jeff received his master's degree from Baylor University and his doctorate from Southern Methodist University.

Quote from Jeff Johnston

"It's a pleasure combining my business, accounting, financial and legal expertise to help people understand financial and economic concepts. If I can do it by telling them an entertaining story along the way, well that's even better."