• Staff writer for MyBankTracker.com
  • 4+ years at Marketplace during the height of the Great Recession as an associate digital producer
  • Covered the 2008 presidential election for News21


Daryl Paranda is a financial writer whose forte is reporting on millennial spending (and saving) habits, student loans, and credit card debt. A staff writer for MyBankTracker.com, Paranda offers his readers “how-to” and in-depth personal finance articles. In addition, his work can be found in Investopedia.com, HuffPo, Us Weekly, San Mateo Daily Journal, and Mother Jones.

Daryl spent four years (starting in 2008 during the Great Recession) as an associate web producer for Marketplace, where he produced multimedia features and special Marketplace reports in conjunction with the New York Times. He also participated in reporting on the 2008 presidential election due to a News21 fellowship from the Carnegie Foundation, and two years later, traveled to Germany to study its political, economic, and cultural identities as part of the 2010 Fulbright Berlin Capital Program.


Daryl has a master’s degree in journalism from USC Annenberg, and a bachelor's degree in communications and English from UC Davis.