Russ Koesterich

Russ Koesterich

Russ Koesterich, CFA, is the Chief Investment Strategist for BlackRock and iShares Chief Global Investment Strategist.

He is a founding member of the Blackrock Investment Institute, delivering BlackRock’s insights on global investment issues. During his 20+ year career as an investment researcher and strategist, Russ has served as the Global Head of Investment Strategy for scientific active equities and as senior portfolio manager in the US Market Neutral Group at BlackRock.

Russ is a frequent contributor to financial news media and can regularly be seen on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He is the author of two books, including his most recent “The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble,” which details how to position portfolios for the impact of the growing U.S. deficit. Russ is also regularly quoted in print media including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, and MarketWatch.

Russ earned a BA in history from Brandeis University, a JD from Boston College and an MBA in capital markets from Columbia University.

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  1. Investing

    Another Year, the Same Old Rate Paralysis

    Long-term interest rates remain stuck in a range that has defined the last six years. Russ discusses why 2018 may see more ...
  2. Investing

    Will Tax Cuts (Finally) Reawaken Value?

    Value stocks are cheap, relative to growth, but have lacked a catalyst to rally. We discuss why tax cuts could be that spark. ...
  3. Investing

    Time to Trim, But Not Abandon Gold

    Gold has performed surprisingly well this year. We discuss why that might not be the case going forward, and it may be time ...
  4. Investing

    The Surprising Way the Bond Market Matters for Stocks

    Stocks are expensive by most measures. We discuss why the bond market can impact whether that can be sustained.
  5. Investing

    Interest rates: Not going Back to “Normal” Anytime Soon

    Interest rates are set to move higher, but as Russ explains, we are still a long ways away from the long-term average of ...
  6. Investing

    High Yield’s Diminishing Appeal

    High yield bonds have been investor favorite the last year and a half. Russ discusses why that may not last.
  7. Investing

    In Times of Eerie Calm, Don’t Neglect Quality

    Quality stocks may be out of favor in this environment, but Russ explains the important role they can play in a portfolio. ...
  8. Investing

    Energy and Financials: The Value within Value

    Value stocks have started to show signs of life. We discuss why energy and financial stocks are currently the best ways to ...
  9. Investing

    A Song of Ice and Fire: Portfolio Hedging Edition

    A downturn for stocks may not be top of mind these days, but one will happen eventually. We discuss why the source of the ...
  10. Investing

    Reversals of Fortune: Emerging Markets and Japan

    We discuss the reasons why Japan’s equity market may outperform emerging markets.
  11. Investing

    4 Reasons Why the Consumer (and the Economy) Are Still in Limbo

    Consumer spending helps fuel the economy, but, as Russ explains, still sluggish spending continues to limit growth.
  12. Markets & Economy

    Generation Dove: the Fed’s Norm for Nearly 20 Years

    With the top two positions at the Federal Reserve soon to be open, Russ discusses how the easy money era goes back a long ...
  13. Markets & Economy

    2017 Winners Make Peculiar Bedfellows

    We explore why both risky assets and traditional safe havens have performed well this year, and whether that can continue. ...
  14. Investing

    Value: Dead or Just Slumbering?

    We explain why value stocks have largely sat out the broader market rallies this year, and what could spark a return to investor ...
  15. Investing

    Gold Shines as Washington Stumbles

    Russ discusses the trend behind the surprising gold rally this year, and why the political drama in D.C. means it may continue. ...
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