Casey Murphy

  • • Former Product Manager of Investopedia's Active Trading, Forex and Markets channels
  • • 13+ years writing markets-related content for Investopedia's website and newsletters
  • • Currently writes about technical analysis, commodities, forex, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)



Casey has a passion for finance and extensive experience in writing about the different products and segments of the markets. His writing tends to cover topics such as: active trading, technical analysis, market commentary, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, futures, options and forex (FX). As mentioned above, during his time at Investopedia, Casey managed the production of content for the markets, active-trading, and forex channels. He gained valuable skills in content strategy, analytics and optimization. Casey especially enjoyed working with the team to drive long-term strategy by balancing the latest trends in online advertising, design, technology and content optimization.


Casey received his Bachelors from the University of Alberta - majoring in Finance.

Quote from Casey

"Learning about finance can be one of the most intimidating endeavors. The first step is to learn the terminology. Second is to understand that there are no shortage of resources, tools, strategies, and mentors available to help ensure success."

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  1. Trading Strategy

    What's the difference between Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) and Money Flow Index (MFI)?

    The similarities between Chaikin money flow and the money flow index end with the idea that they are both commonly used by ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Tech Stocks Are Headed Lower

    Cracks are starting to show in the trends of major technology stocks. These three charts suggest that prices could be headed ...
  3. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Commodities Are on the Move Lower

    Commodities have seen strong uptrends over several years, but recent closes below key support suggest that bears will control ...
  4. Trading Strategy

    Trade Broken Trendlines Without Going Broke

    Learn a stop-loss strategy that will help you protect your gains when trading breaks or broken trendlines.
  5. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Global Equity Markets Could Be Headed Lower

    Active traders will likely look to the breakdowns shown on key ETFs as a leading indicator that the broader markets could ...
  6. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Into Utilities

    Bullish patterns on the charts of three major utility-related assets suggest that 2019 could be the year for a significant ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Healthcare Stocks

    Recent weakness in the U.S. markets has pushed the prices of key assets within the healthcare sector toward influential levels ...
  8. Chart Strategy

    These 3 Charts Suggest Tech Stocks Are Headed Lower

    Breakdowns below key support levels suggest that the long-term downtrend in the tech sector could just be getting started.
  9. Investing

    Top 4 Emerging Market Equity ETFs in October 2018

    Four top ETFs for emerging market investors.
  10. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Financials Are About to Head Lower

    The recent break below key resistance levels on the charts of influential financial companies suggests that the long-term ...
  11. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest the Commodities Market Is Heading Lower

    The breakdown below key support levels across the commodities market suggests that the bears could be in control of the momentum ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    Support and Resistance Reversals

    Learn about support and resistance and discover how these influential price levels can switch roles through reversals.
  13. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Transportation Stocks Are Heading Lower

    Recent closes below support on the charts of three major transportation-related assets suggest that the broader market could ...
  14. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Are Watching for a Bounce in Commodities

    Extremely oversold technical readings suggest that these commodities-related ETFs could bounce higher over the coming weeks.
  15. Asset Allocation

    The Ups And Downs Of Biotechnology

    This biotechnology sector can provide huge gains, but there are also lots of downside.
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