Casey Murphy

  • • Former Product Manager of Investopedia's Active Trading, Forex and Markets channels.
  • • 13+ years writing markets-related content for Investopedia's website and newsletters.
  • • Currently writes about technical analysis, commodities, forex, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


Casey has a passion for finance and extensive experience in writing about the different products and segments of the markets. His writing tends to cover topics such as: active trading, technical analysis, market commentary, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, futures, options and forex (FX). As mentioned above, during his time at Investopedia, Casey managed the production of content for the markets, active-trading, and forex channels. He gained valuable skills in content strategy, analytics and optimization. Casey especially enjoyed working with the team to drive long-term strategy by balancing the latest trends in online advertising, design, technology and content optimization.


Casey received his Bachelors from the University of Alberta - majoring in Finance.

Quote from Casey

"Learning about finance can be one of the most intimidating endeavors. The first step is to learn the terminology. Second is to understand that there are no shortage of resources, tools, strategies, and mentors available to help ensure success."

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  1. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Sell Social Media Stocks

    Bearish price action on charts of key assets across the social media sector suggest that the long-term downtrend could just ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Agricultural Commodities Are Header Lower

    The charts of assets used for trading agricultural commodities suggest that the next leg lower could be just beginning.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Are Bullish on Consumer Staples

    Technical buy signs on the charts of companies from across the consumer staples sector suggest that now is the ideal time ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Commodity Traders Will Want to Watch

    Despite recent periods of consolidation on the charts of most commodities, active traders will maintain a bullish bias due ...
  5. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Look to Regional Banks for Strength

    Bullish patterns and nearby support on the charts of the regional banks suggest that this could be the sector to watch over ...
  6. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Remain Bullish on the US Dollar

    We look at the charts of three currency-related ETFs to consider how traders may position themselves with respect to the ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Remain Bullish on Healthcare

    Bullish chart patterns on charts from across the healthcare sector suggest that this group could be poised for a move higher.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Cautiously Optimistic About Precious Metals

    The recent close higher of several key precious metals assets suggests that the bulls are gaining control of the momentum. ...
  9. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Are Watching for a Pullback in Robotics and AI

    Charts in the robotics and artificial intelligence industries suggest that better entry points for bulls could be a few weeks ...
  10. Chart Strategy

    These Charts Suggest It's Time to Sell Commodities

    The bearish price action on these commodity-driven ETFs suggests that prices are geared to move lower over the weeks ahead.
  11. Chart Strategy

    The Uptrend in Cybersecurity Looks Poised to Continue

    Bullish chart patterns and clear guides for placing buy and stop orders in the cybersecurity sector suggest that now could ...
  12. Chart Strategy

    3 Charts That Suggest Agriculture Commodities Could Move Lower

    Nearby trendlines and major technical sell signals are pointing to a move lower in agricultural commodities such as corn ...
  13. Trading Strategy

    What technical tools can I use to measure momentum?

    Traders use tools such as MACD, stochastics, rate of change and RSI to measure the strength of an asset's momentum and the ...
  14. Chart Strategy

    Despite Recent Volatility, Biotech Stocks Look Poised to Pop

    Recent news from a leading gene therapy company highlights the risks, but the charts suggest ample room to the upside for ...
  15. Chart Strategy

    Charts Suggest Downtrend in Forestry Products Is Just Getting Started

    The break below key trendlines on charts of these forestry-related assets suggests that the long-term downtrend is still ...
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