As the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock believes in openness, transparency, and honesty. It’s how we fulfill our mission: empowering investors and investment professionals to achieve their goals. The Blog furthers that commitment, by providing visitors to the Blog with market insights and analysis from some of the preeminent thought leaders at BlackRock & iShares.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    The Promise of Artificial Intelligence and What It Means to BlackRock

    We explain how we apply artificial intelligence to investing and how to improve the financial wellbeing of our investors. ...
  2. Women & Money

    BlackRock Women: Be Bold, Take Career Risks

    Being a little bit daring in your career decisions could pay off big in the long run.
  3. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: The Appeal of Shorter-Term U.S. Treasuries

    The backup in yields has opened up opportunities for fixed income investors to add exposure to shorter maturity U.S. Treasuries.
  4. Personal Finance

    How To Be A Super Saver

    We talk about good habits that help investors stay on track when it comes to saving for retirement.
  5. Markets & Economy

    Market Implications of the Italian Election

    Results of the Italian election point to a hung parliament, with no party or coalition winning enough votes to form a government. ...
  6. ETFs

    A Day in the Life of a Bond Index Portfolio Manager

    Stratified sampling, platform risk, tracking error? Let us take you into the world of bond ETF management.
  7. Virtual Currency

    Chart of the Week: Look Beyond the Crypto Hype

    What’s the prospect of cryptocurrencies after their dramatic price rallies? Are they coming of age as investment targets ...
  8. Markets & Economy

    Is Momentum’s Moment Over?

    Momentum was dented in the early February stock market swoon, but we believe its moment isn’t over.
  9. Investing

    Underappreciated Factors Behind Fast-Rising Bond Yields

    The early February spike in equity market volatility came on the heels of fast-rising bond yields. Jeff explains what’s behind ...
  10. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: Boiling Down Two Changes to BlackRock’s Asset Class Views

    We have upgraded our view of U.S. stocks and shifted to neutral on European equities.
  11. Investing

    5 Ways to Help Navigate Choppy Markets

    Five themes to monitor as market volatility picks up.
  12. Markets & Economy

    Eyeing Up Winners (and losers) in the U.S. Tax Overhaul

    The new tax code is complicated, and while highly taxed companies appear early winners (on paper), the top line hides great ...
  13. Personal Finance

    5 Items for Your Financial “Go-Bag”

    Smart planning can help ensure that you and your family are prepared for any kind of emergency. We explain how to improve ...
  14. ETFs

    Don’t Get Distracted: ETFs Emerge Battle-Tested Again

    Heavy volumes did not translate into massive outflows in last week’s volatile markets.
  15. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: An Eye on Real Rates Amid Short-Term Equity Volatility

    A bout of volatility shook global equity markets last week. We explain why investors should look past near-term dislocations ...
  • Showing 1-15 of 192 items
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