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  1. Investing

    Chart of the Week: Sustainable Investing: More than Doing Good

    We explain what sustainable investing could bring to a portfolio, and why the strategy is gaining traction.
  2. Investing

    Rising Rates Series: Ride The Current with Floating Rate Notes

    “Floaters” are bonds that help reduce interest rate risk by adjusting their coupons with changes in short-term rates. We ...
  3. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: The Flare Up of European Populism and Its Investing Implications

    European populism has flared up again. We explain what this means for investors.
  4. Markets & Economy

    What 1969 Can Teach Us About Today’s Flat Yield Curve

    We look back at the recession of 1969-70, explaining what it tells us about today’s yield curve.
  5. Markets & Economy

    Measuring the Market Impact of Geopolitical Risks

    Estimating how—and exactly which—geopolitical events may affect markets and portfolios can be a challenge. We explain how ...
  6. Investing

    Stop the Blame Game: Index Providers Don’t Drive Performance

    Index providers may set out the rules, but stock pickers dictate winners and losers. We explain.
  7. Investing

    Chart of the Week: What’s Behind the U.S. Rates Moves?

    We explain what’s driving the rise of U.S. rates and the flattening yield curve, and why it is not worrisome.
  8. Investing

    Rising Rates Series: The Ups and Downs of Bond Ladders

    In part one of her series on rising rates, we explain how defined—maturity ETFs can make laddering simpler and more diversified. ...
  9. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Are Bonds Still A Good Hedge To Stocks?

    We take a deep dive into the history of the equity/bond relationship to answer the question: Are bonds still a good hedge ...
  10. Markets & Economy

    Our Take On A Surprising Earnings Season

    Find out why market reaction to strong first-quarter earnings has been surprisingly lackluster.
  11. Investing

    Chart of the Week: How to Play the Oil Price Rally

    The price of oil has surged in 2018. We explain our take on how to play the rally.
  12. Investing

    4 ETF Trends Show Cautious Optimism for 2018

    Recent flows suggest that investors are priming for a rougher but hopeful future. Here’s where the money went and why.
  13. Investing

    Chart of the Week: Focus On the Right 3% Yield

    The 3% U.S. 10-year government bond yield isn’t the right yield to focus on. We explain why.
  14. Investing

    In Need Of An Upgrade: The U.S. Infrastructure Opportunity

    While prospects for passage of an infrastructure bill still exist, we discuss other factors supporting the asset class, and ...
  15. Investing

    What Not To Do: 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your 401(k)

    We go over a list of common saving, investing and retirement planning pitfalls that you should avoid.
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