Andrew Bloomenthal

Andrew Bloomenthal

  • • More than 20 years of editorial experience as a financial journalist and as a financial services marketing writer.
  • • Create marketing collateral for asset managers, investment banks, hedge funds, funds of funds, and family offices.
  • • Fin-tech blogger


Andrew Bloomenthal is a seasoned financial journalist, with more the fifteen years of experience covering alternative investing, wealth management, trading technology, pensions, ETFs and family offices. He is a reporter for Institutional Investor Magazine, II's Private Asset Management Newsletter, Investor's Business Daily,, and many other award-winning publications and websites. Andrew is also a marketing writer for multiple institutional clients such as Citibank's Personal Wealth Management group, as well as global private equity funds. In addition, he is an entertainment reporter for Variety Magazine, Script Magazine and Creative Screenwriting Magazine.


Andrew received his Bachelor's Degree from Syracuse University.

Quote from Andrew

"As a writer, I believe it's my obligation to create content that's accurate and descriptive, whether it's consumed by casual readers, B2B clients, B2C clients, retail consumers, high-net-worth individuals or institutional investors. It's not enough to simply get the job done. It must be done well."

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    So You Wanna Buy A Franchise?

    Franchises are growing more popular with entrepreneurs. Here's why and what to expect from them.
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