• 35+ years as independent magazine editor and online content producer
  • 23 years as principal of Qwerty Communications Inc. and HerWork.com
  • Executive editor for renowned magazines such as Working Woman and Executive Female


Basia Hellwig continues to enjoy a long, successful career as an editor, writer, and content producer. Since 1995, Basia has served as principal of Qwerty Communications Inc. and its sister company, HerWork.com. Qwerty Communications is a well-known magazine consultancy that specializes in editorial development and makeovers—for consumer magazines, special interest titles, and custom publishing, both print and online. At HerWork.com—which specializes in creating content for career-minded women—Basia created, hosted, and maintained the original website of Catalyst, the research and advisory organization about women in corporations.

Basia’s most recent business coverage has focused on management strategies and social media for small businesses, from dance retailers to Brooklyn artisans. She created Brooklyn Artisan™—a blog that “focuses on artisanal businesses, small or micro, that arise to express the passions [of] and provide livelihoods for their creators.”

Basia has held executive-level editorial roles at the periodicals, Working Woman, Executive Female, Scientific American Explorations, and AARP Live & Learn. It was during Basia’s term as director of new media and publications for the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), that she launched Executive Female magazine and helped catapult it to become America's second-largest business magazine in the 1990s. She also created the first business and content plan for NAFE's online presence.


Basia earned a BA degree with honors in political science at McGill University Montreal, Quebec, and she studied French language, literature, and civilization at Université Paris-Sorbonne.