Economic analyst


Emory University, University of California Santa Barbara


  • Award-winning economic analyst for an international think tank
  • Recipient of two nationally competitive fellowships
  • Holds higher education degrees in coastal management and economics


Kate started off her career working in a marine lab, where she was able to go fishing (and eat seafood) every day. She became interested in personal finance to help ensure that her extremely fun job could support her long-term financial goals. Kate later went to graduate school to earn advanced degrees in marine coastal planning and economics. Kate currently works as an economic analyst for a think tank (which is fun in a different way).  


Kate received her bachelor's degree in environmental science from Emory University, and she earned two master's degrees in coastal management and economics from University of California Santa Barbara.

Quote from Kate Anania

"Managing your finances is life-changing, and I love to watch people gain the skills to set their lives on the trajectory they want in order to meet their goals."