Experienced Journalist, Blogger, Author


University of Toronto


  • Experienced journalist, including a stint in retail that was the inspiration for one of her books, Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail
  • Former reporter for The Globe and Mail as well as New York Daily News
  • Her blog has over 17,000 followers, where she offers coaching and workshops on writing


A Canada native, Caitlin Kelly has lived and worked in a number of countries over the years, including Mexico and France. She has experience working as a consultant for executives moving between the U.S. and Canada. Via her website, where her blog has over 17,000 followers, she offers classes and workshops on blogging and writing, as well as coaching and press release review services.

Previously, Caitlin worked as a reporter at the likes of The New York Daily News, Globe and Mail, and Montreal Gazette. Now, much of her work is done for The New York Times. Caitlin is the author of three books, including Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail, based on her experience in the retail industry. Her book was nominated for a Hillman award, rewarding “journalism in the service of the common good.”


Caitlin earned her bachelor's in English from the University of Toronto.