Founder of FinFix Research and Analytics Private Limited


  • 10+ years experience as a finance expert. Founder of FinFix Research and Analytics Private Limited—an all-women financial research and wealth management firm
  • Earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, ICFAI) designation, her work appears regularly on credible platforms such as Nasdaq
  • She has been published/quoted on TheStreet, The BRICS post, The Tribune (India), Dalal Times, Karvy’s Invest & Harvest, SeekingAlpha, Commerzbank’s Thinking Ahead, The Economics Times, the Times of India, Entrepreneur, and BusinessWorld


Prior to founding her own company, Prableen Bajpai headed research at Vantage Wealth Management Solutions, overseeing mutual funds, economic trends, financial markets. She also managed the compilations of the monthly compendium moneytree®, designed to educate investors on stock markets and investments. Adding to an array of experience and academic strengths, Prableen taught investment analysis and macroeconomics at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan. She eventually began her entrepreneurial journey with FinFix in 2014.


Prableen received her master's in economics, specializing in macroeconomics and econometrics. She is also a designated Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, ICFAI).

Quote from Prableen Bajpai

"It's very satisfying to be able to explain complex concepts in a way that interests and educates people, and see them implement that knowledge in making smarter and wiser financial decisions."